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Are you ready to become your own boss with Rideshare?


We’re assuming that if you’ve decided to become your own boss, starting as a Rideshare driver, you have also decided to be good at it. You may be thinking, “It’s just driving. Anyone can do it!”

Alright, not so fast.

To be a Rideshare driver and become your own boss, this is the trick to the trade you need to always remember. Stay relaxed. 

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To become your own boss, you need a shift in mentality.

First, let’s discuss mentality. To be a successful Rideshare driver and truly become your own boss, you’ll need the right approach. You’ve heard the quote “think before you react.” This applies to driving. Rules and laws must be followed. No road rage allowed! It will help if you possess the ability to remain calm and think things through. You will encounter difficult situations, traffic jams, bad drivers as well as less than friendly passengers. Be mindful of your reactions to all of those difficulties.


Ignore other people’s opinions and make your own. 

Another piece of advice – avoid the naysayers! You will encounter folks who love to spew negativity. Don’t listen to them. You’ll read articles or watch videos online that will show Rideshare driving in a bad light.  Make your own decisions based on fact and not what runs around a gossip mill or the garbage that can be thrown up on the web.

If you start a new job, people congratulate you. If you say you will become your own boss? Well, they are very negative. MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Also stay away from negativity as much as possible.

Easiest way to avoid the “haters”? Keep your plan to become your own boss to yourself until you are earning more than your peers. 


Why you should pursue this as your first entrepreneurial venture?

Well, for starters you will earn the money you need, guaranteed.  Before rideshare, the path to become your own boss was substantially harder and through personal experience, it was painful. Becoming a rideshare driver is not a big commitment. Making this the starting point of your entrepreneurial career however, is a huge commitment.

So what is the first lesson?

Relax. When problems arise, RELAX. Think about the situation. Figure out the best course of action. Execute the best course of action. It’s fairly simple.

The best course of action you choose may not always be correct, but you will consistently get better at it until it becomes second nature.

This ONE SKILL is absolutely CRUCIAL to successfully begin this journey.

When you decide to become your own boss, solving problems in a calm and relaxed manner is the ONLY PATH TO SUCCESS. Yes, the caps is 100% necessary.

Rather skip rideshare and dive head first into the entrepreneurial life?

  1. Become good at solving problems.
  2. Learn new skills to solve a variety of problems.

This one skillset can make you as much money as you are willing to work for. Seriously.

Check out, I can personally say that Sam Ovens’ course is absolutely phenomenal. His thousands of successful students speak a million words.

*To be absolutely clear, I am not receiving any money from him. I’ve seen his journey since the beginning and admire him for his integrity in actually teaching how to make money fixing people’s business problems, unlike many people who sell “get rich quick” in the online space.*

Alright so back to rideshare, how does this skill apply?

If you want to be a good driver, learn to relax. Starting out as a driver can be stressful. Even if you’re a seasoned driver, a bad day can throw you off. What if you’re in an unfamiliar city? What if you end up on the side of the road with a flat tire? Your last passenger had a dog who chose your backseat as a bathroom – now what? Breathe. Consider various scenarios you may encounter as a driver and be prepared. Preparation will go a long way towards a peaceful outlook.

Want to increase your earning potential?

Choose the best locations. Use strategy. Avoid passenger destinations and go the passenger source. Let’s say there is a big event in the city. That is where passengers need to be, yes? Your goal is to get them there so hit up populated neighborhoods where folks will be looking for rides.

Remember that well-organized trip planning saves you time.

Ready to drive like a pro? Click here. Trip planning will also help you to drive stress-free. Plan your routes. Know the locations you’ll be driving. Are there shortcuts available to you? Are you familiar with traffic laws in the areas you’ll be driving?  GPS apps are helpful but don’t rely solely on the apps to get where you need to be. Take time to become familiar with the locations you’ll drive.

Is the passenger always right?

Absolutely not. Not by a long shot. Do you call them out on bad behavior? No, again. Learn to smile and nod. Check out our tips on keeping your cool.

Of course, if a passenger has created a situation that makes you uncomfortable you need to set your boundaries firmly and speak up. If that happens, be polite. If your kindness is ignored, hit them where it hurts – you do know you can rate your passengers, right? You can. Do that and give them the rating they deserve. Never let the behavior of others dictate your mood.

How to maximize your earning potential?

To maximize earning potential, be sure to take both long and short trips. Learn the best days and times for driving both long and short distances. Keep in mind if you’re sitting in traffic you’re losing money and you’ll likely end up aggravated. Don’t dismiss short drives as unimportant. Over time those short drives can mean good money. Also, take advantage of destination filters as they can also increase your income.

Feeling tired? Stop Driving.

It is never smart to drive so many hours you end up exhausted. It’s not safe for you, your passengers or other drivers. Know when to get off the road. A tired driver can make bad decisions, be slow to react or worst-case scenario can cause an accident. Don’t be that driver. Learn to take a break when needed. It’s great to brag to your buddies how you drove 13 hours straight but it won’t be fun to brag from a hospital bed, will it? Stay safe!

Not as common sense as you might think.

We know. This is all common-sense stuff or at least it should be but you’d be surprised how many drivers don’t mentally prepare themselves. The business isn’t just about driving from point A to point B. It’s not all about making sure your vehicle is in good shape or that your passengers are comfortable. While those things are important, driving also has a lot to do with attitude. Please, take the time to get your head on straight before you become a Rideshare driver.

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