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Be the Batman and Bruce Wayne of the Rideshare World

For those super industrious folks who are interested in taking on two jobs at once as a driver for both Uber and Lyft, good news!  It can be done! How, you ask?  Well, it takes a bit of planning but not to worry.  It’s nothing too difficult.  There are some things you’ll need to consider before embarking on this dual endeavor.


Use only one device, if possible.  You don’t want to have to juggle multiple devices while driving.  That’s likely to make your passengers a bit nervous.  Most passengers would prefer to not have a juggling driver.  Downloading and running both apps on one device isn’t a problem and it really will make things much more simple.  Also, do yourself a favor and mount the device.  Preferably in a place that can’t be seen through the windows.  You don’t want the world to know you’re a rideshare driver and by world we mean law enforcement and cab companies.


Another way to remain incognito while maintaining your double rideshare life is to use a hands-free device.  Bluetooth works.  There are several types – visor mount, in ear and the traditional yet somewhat antiquated wired headset so finding one that works for you shouldn’t be a problem.  There are hands-free laws and your goal should be to not break those and possibly ruin your setup.  Cops love handing out tickets so don’t fall victim to their quotas.  Keep your device securely mounted and keep that hands-free device on your head or visor.  Always.


For ease of calling your passengers, you’ll want to avoid having to call from within each app so set up voice command and save the Uber and Lyft VOIP numbers.  Practice a bit first just to be sure your phone understands you when you say “Uber” and “Lyft.”  It would be tragic to attempt a call to Uber and you somehow end up getting some random pizza joint.  It may be tempting to get a bite to eat but you don’t want to keep those passengers waiting.


You can also setup text messaging shortcuts.  If you’re good at remembering the shortcuts, great.  If not, then this might not be the best option for you.  Nonetheless, it’s certainly worth a try.


Before heading out, reboot/restart your phone.  Doing this sort of wakes up your phone giving you a clean start.  You want to be sure you’re not running apps you don’t need.  If you’ve taken a break from driving, crushed candy or surfed the Web make sure to close out those apps before you hit the road again.


Once you’re ready to pick up passengers, open up both apps to be sure you are good to go.  Look for the app icons so you’ll know you’re online.  If they disappear from your device, you’ll know the system has shut down and you’ll need to jump back on.  A note about Uber and this can be annoying:  the app will ask every few minutes if you wish to remain online.  If you don’t respond, it’ll shut you down so keep an eye out for that.  It would be helpful if there was an automatic response option that said “I’ll sign out when I’m ready to sign out!”  Unfortunately, there isn’t so you have to stay on top of that.


Don’t drive around on the prowl for passengers.  Not only is that a bit creepy but it’s a waste of time and gas.  Hit locations you know will pay off or at least locations you’re pretty sure will pay off.  You really shouldn’t be driving unless you have a passenger, are on your way to pick one up or relocating to a place you feel will provide you with a chance to pick up a passenger.














You’ll need to be switching back and forth between apps.  If you’ve responded to a ride request in Uber, sign off of Lyft and vice-versa.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how each app works.



  • You get a ride request – accept it.
  • You’ll be taken to navigation
  • Flip back to the Uber partner app and go offline
  • Go back to navigation
  • Keep an eye on navigation. Lyft may not send you to an exact location at first and you could end up in the middle of a rowdy political rally and who wants that?  When you’re getting close to your pick up address, go back to Lyft app to get a more exact location.
  • Once you’ve arrived at your destination, hit arrive and make a note of the time.
  • If you suspect you may have a no-show, call the person who requested the ride. If you repeatedly fail after a few minutes to get an answer then you can assume the person isn’t showing.
  • Plan ahead. While waiting on your passenger, set up navigation to the drop off point if you already know what it is.
  • If all has gone according to plan you’ll successfully drop off your rider, select the Lyft app, to end the ride and charge your passenger. Cha-ching!



  • You get a ride request – accept it
  • Flip back to Lyft and go offline BEFORE going to navigation
  • Now it’s time for navigation and you’ll also want to flip back to the Uber app
  • Do the same as you do with Lyft – start heading towards your passenger pick up point and when you get closer, consult Uber to get an exact location
  • When you reach your destination, hit “arrive.”
  • Again, if you suspect a no-show, call. Wait a few minutes and if there’s no passenger then it’s likely you’ve been stood up but if your passenger is there…
  • Check to see if your passenger has input the drop off location while waiting. If so, set up your navigation.  If not, be prepared to do that once your passenger is seated.
  • Once you’ve dropped off your passenger, you’ll return to the Uber app to end the ride. More cha-ching!
  • You’re now ready to switch back to Lyft


It may seem a bit daunting to have to continually switch back and forth but it really isn’t.  As with any new endeavor, it may take a bit of practice and time to get comfortable with it but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.


Stay on the lookout for other drivers.  Competition isn’t going to make you money so check your apps to see what’s going on.  If you’re surrounded by other drivers, get out.  Head towards a new location.  Both apps have what are called “heat maps” that will tell you where things are happening so make use of those maps.  Most importantly – stay safe.  One of the advantages of taking on the job of a rideshare driver is you are in control of where you work, the hours you work and who you choose to pick up.  If a location or person makes you uncomfortable, just say no.  Being a rideshare driver can be fun and rewarding but don’t risk life and limb!


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