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Kind of a scary thought, isn’t it?  You’re a driver for both rideshares but you find yourself contemplating giving up one for the other.  Which one will keep you busiest?  Which one is more profitable?  While it might be a scary thought, it is definitely an interesting experiment and one week isn’t really THAT long, is it?  Let’s take a look at what might happen if you give up Uber for one week and drive only for Lyft.  After all, you can go back to driving for both.


You’re going to find that with Lyft, you’re not quite as busy, however; you’ll find you likely won’t suffer with regard to profits.


Lyft drivers tip.  Yes, tip!  Extra cash in your pocket.  Nice, isn’t it?  Another bonus:  Lyft’s fare prices are a bit higher than Uber which also means more money for you.  You might not get hit up as much for rides with Lyft but in the end, you’ll still make the same if not more money than with Uber.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Helpful tip:  pay attention to Lyft’s peak hours and take advantage of those times.


So let’s talk about a hypothetical week if you leave Uber to drive only for Lyft.  What might happen?  Well, for one, you’ll do half the driving and make more money.  Given that, you might find you’ll make 1 ½ times more than what you make with Uber.  Lyft passengers seem to be less prone to vomit in your car than Uber passengers and are typically ready to go when you get there – dare we say Lyft passengers are a bit classier?  We dare.


Give it a try.  Give up Uber for a week and see what happens.  You may find you’re a whole lot happier and a whole lot richer.






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