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If you’re a rideshare driver, you probably already know the importance of keeping track of your mileage.  It’s key if you want to make the most of your profits and reduce/eliminate any possible tax problems.  There are several ways to keep track of your miles.


Manual Mileage Logs


Yep, you can still do it the old-fashion way if you want.  These are readily available in any office supply store and they are relatively inexpensive.  You simply write down your mileage at the start of a trip then write down your mileage at the end of a trip.  These are acceptable records for the IRS as long as you have accurate records of each trip.  Estimated mileage won’t work for them so be sure you keep track carefully.




The QuickBooks Self-Employed is another option.  Not only does it keep track of expenses (also quite helpful if you’re a driver) but it’ll keep track of mileage, as well.  This method will track your mileage through your phone’s GPS, groups the mileage into trips and you then later put your mileage into categories:  business or personal.  There are also tax benefits with QuickBooks so it’s worth checking out.  It’s relatively inexpensive at only $5 per month.


Stride Drive


This one is free.  It also tracks expenses as well as mileage.  You can work this one manually by starting and ending your mileage each trip or you can set it up so it does this for you automatically.  It’s currently only available on iOS.  Android users should be on the lookout though as it likely won’t be long before it’s available for you, too.


Other Options


There are other choices for tracking your mileage that are worth checking out:


  • TripLog: you’ll pay for the more advanced features but basic ones are free.
  • Hurdlr: this one has some cool features and it’s free.
  • Everlance: also free and works similar to Stride Drive.
  • MileQ: for less than 40 trips a month, this one is free but if you drive over 40 there is a small monthly fee.


Keep in mind that you’ll get a year-end report from the rideshare company you drive for but they aren’t always complete.  Sometimes you’ll need to fill in a few blanks and when it comes to the IRS, you’ll definitely want to be prepared.  Any of these apps should help you keep true and accurate records and this will be a huge help to you in the long run.



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