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So, you’re ready to get behind the wheel and start earning money? Well, having the desire to become a Lyft driver is not enough for you to qualify as one. So what does it take?

For you to be eligible as a Lyft driver, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age: You must be at least 21 years old.
  • License: You must have a driver’s license that you have used for at least a year before you apply to be a Lyft driver.
  • Good Driving History: You must have a clean driving history. You should not have any license suspensions within the past three years and have no severe alcohol or drug-related charges within the past seven years. When it comes to speeding tickets, you should not have more than three violations on your profile within the last three years.
  • Acceptable Criminal History: You must have a clean criminal record. This means your background check must be free from of all sexual and violent crimes.

Lyft has also placed restrictions on vehicles that can be used for answering ridesharing requests. These requirements include:

  • Age: Unlike Uber, Lyft’s vehicle age restrictions vary from city to city. During the application process, the system will automatically provide the eligibility qualifications for your location.
  • Doors: All vehicles must have at least 4 doors to provide the passenger and driver convenience and comfort.
  • Seating: At least five seats available (including the driver’s seat) and up to eight seats (seven passengers).
  • Registration: The car’s plates must be up to date.
  • Insurance: Your car must be fully insured to be approved for use, and you must also be insured in the policy.

To pass Lyft’s application process, you must meet the minimum requirements of the company, and also the rules established by your local municipality.

What Are Alternatives to Driving for Lyft?

Uber is the main alternative to Lyft. Fortunately, the Uber vs. Lyft battle is one that benefits drivers. Since the drivers in the two firms are independent contractors, technically they can drive for the two services at the same time. This increases the available market in your area since you will have access to both Uber and Lyft riders. Start boosting your income considerably by being both an Uber and Lyft driver!

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If you fail to meet Lyft’s requirements, there are other alternatives that you can consider. Given that Uber’s eligibility requirements are similar to Lyft’s, it’s likely that you will not qualify for Uber once rejected by Lyft. But, don’t get discouraged – delivery services such as Postmates and Uber Delivery have fewer vehicle and driver restrictions. If you’d like some extra income, you can also think of becoming a scooter charger for Lime or Bird.


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