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Lyft is winning with their revamped Driver Referral Program

Lyft has changed their program from the “All or nothing” driver referral program to a “per-ride” bonus structure. Recruiting other drivers? Take advantage of Lyft’s new program. If someone signs up to drive for Lyft using your link, you both get paid when they drive.

Wondering what the bonus is in your city?

its simple. Just sign up to drive for Lyft! You will find out what driver referral bonus they are offering, and you can leave the application as incomplete until you are ready to drive or decide not to.

We’ll have a list of all the bonus cities linked here soon!


So, how do you earn the new driver referral bonus?

If you are ready to drive, and have not applied yet, click on the right side or click here and follow the instructions to get started with the highest bonus for your area, guaranteed.

For vehicle requirements, click here to find out if you qualify!


How does this differ from the old driver referral program?

The old setup meant a driver had to reach a certain number of drives before getting paid. If you are a driver who referred another driver, you’d have to wait for them to reach their set number of drives before you got paid, too. Nobody likes waiting! And what about those you referred who never met their quota? Well, you didn’t get paid at all. Waste of time!

How does it work now?

Now, the system is fair. A new recruit begins getting paid with their first drive as does the driver who referred them. If you are considering becoming a Lyft driver, know that if you sign-up using another driver’s link, you both get a bit more money per ride.

Why is it better?

The old driver referral program may have paid a bit more overall but the new program is certainly more “user-friendly” for new recruits and those who recruit them. This is especially advantageous for part-time drivers. If you only drive 20 hours a week, the pressure is off to meet a specific number of rides, as you get paid out regardless.

You only have 30 days after being approved to finish.

Make sure you have the time to drive!  

If you are interested in Lyft’s additional bonuses, it’s worth noting they are still singular payouts. Look at Lyft’s website or online ads for these bonuses. You will be required to make a specific number of rides (the amount determined by Lyft) to get paid. Do yourself a favor and read the fine print. Be sure you are fully aware of the rules and able to meet the criteria before you sign up.


Take the time to compare Lyft’s new program to Uber’s guaranteed earnings program and do the math. You’ll find that Lyft has created a structure that definitely one-ups their rival.

Ready to get started? Get a head start with the essentials!

Ready to drive for both Uber and Lyft? Click here.

Already drive for both? Check out how you can earn more for your time. Click here.



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