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We understand it can be frustrating for rideshare drivers to keep up with the latest Lyft sign-up bonus updates. These incentives change and often make it tough to keep up. However, we’ve done our best to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information regarding Lyft sign-up bonuses.

How much is this sign up bonus on average right now?

Currently most bonuses are an average 0f $500 when you sign up, up to $800! Once you sign up, you’ll be told what bonus you qualify for without having to complete the application, and from there you can decide if the bonus is worth it for you.

Want to check what bonus you would earn? Click here and follow the instructions to get started with the highest sign-up bonus for your area, guaranteed.

For vehicle requirements, click here to find out if you qualify!

How does Lyft’s incentive program work?

The first thing you should know is your sign-up bonus is determined by the city in which you live. You’ll also have a required number of rides you’ll need to complete to receive the full bonus.

Secondly, the Lyft sign-up bonus program for new drivers is now a per-ride structure and no longer quite so black and white. Previously, your sign-up bonus wasn’t paid until you met Lyft’s criteria. Now, you can earn your bonus in increments per-ride. This is a good bonus structure because even if you don’t meet the full requirement of rides, you will still get bonus pay for the rides you did complete.

Do I need a referral in order to earn my sign-up bonus?

Yes, and keep in mind that Lyft does not accept late referrals. This means if you are signing up as a new driver and forget to use a referral link from an existing driver, too bad! Lyft won’t honor the referral after the fact so be sure to use affiliate referral link when you sign-up.

It’s no secret that Lyft has a great new driver sign-up bonus program. This is a great company to start with if you’re new to the rideshare driving game.

Take a look to see what Lyft’s bonus pay is in your city as well as ride requirements.


Ready to get started? Learn more about about Lyft’s referral program and sign up today!

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