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Ready to drive? Lyft vs Uber


Before becoming a Rideshare driver you will naturally want to weigh your options in choosing Lyft vs Uber.

It pays to be smart – quite literally in the case of Rideshare driving.

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Let’s take a look at the differences: Lyft vs Uber.

Let us know which you choose!

Let’s talk about the apps for both Lyft and Uber.

Both essentially function the same. The big difference is with the Lyft app you have the ability to see your destination beforehand. If for whatever reason you don’t wish to pick up a passenger at a particular location, simply cancel the ride and wait for another one.

A tip worth mentioning: if you plan to drive for both Lyft and Uber, keep both apps readily available. Be prepared in case one company has an issue. Then you can simply drive for the other until issues are resolved.


Who has better commissions? 

Bottom line: Lyft is going to offer a higher commission than Uber. You’ll find this applies to both sign-up and per ride commissions. While the amount per week may seem insignificant, over time Lyft commissions add up to a nice chunk of change. Click here for more info on increasing your earnings!


What bonuses do they pay out? 

Uber offers bonus pay for anytime you drive and each ride will count towards your bonus. To receive the Power Driver bonus with Lyft, it is necessary to drive during peak times as well as during regular hours. It should be noted that a 90% acceptance rate must be maintained in order to receive bonuses from Lyft. Uber has no such requirement meaning you can be a bit more flexible with your rides but understand their bonus rates do change frequently.

Which is easier?

While it may be easier to obtain bonuses while driving for Lyft and Lyft bonuses will be more straight-forward, Uber also has decent guarantees. Click here for more info. If you are an individual who prefers to plan their week, give Lyft a try. Click here to check out the new Lyft driver referral program! They do make planning easier than Uber.

For more information regarding these bonuses, click here! 


Which customers tip the most?

Because Uber took some time to embrace the concept of tipping, their passengers got used to not doing it. If you’re an Uber driver, don’t expect a tip from all passengers. On the other hand, Lyft passengers have always tipped so you stand to make a bit more money driving for them.


Are there passenger differences? 

Yes, there is a notable difference in the personalities of passengers of both Lyft and Uber. Why? Only a psychologist can answer that but we’ve noticed a contrast. Lyft passengers tend to be talkative and somewhat extroverted. Uber passengers tend to be introverted and are quite happy to not engage their driver. Is this a sweeping statement? Of course, but nonetheless there is truth here. The personality quirks are a mystery but your personality may determine the company in which you choose.


Final Thoughts

Uber has been around the block longer than Lyft and for this reason they’ve had the time to build a reputation that isn’t always positive. This might matter to you or it may not but we recommend investigating the way Uber does business before signing up.


With Lyft you can expect a more stable income. Your rides will be more flexible. You can also count on your passengers to fill your tip jar. Still, Lyft is considered the “little guy” of the Rideshare world but who doesn’t root for the little guy?


Neither company will do it all perfectly. There will be policies and situations you may not agree with. This is why choosing which company to drive for will be a matter of personal choice. Reasons for driving will vary from driver to driver. What matters is that you choose the company that works best for your needs and lifestyle.

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