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Contingency life plans are often necessary.  In fact, it makes little sense to not have an income back-up plan in the event your current job goes south.  Things happen through no fault of our own – layoffs, company restructuring, corporate bankruptcies – and these things can leave the employers stranded with no income at all.  It’s wise to be prepared.


Becoming a rideshare driver is an excellent alternate employment opportunity.  If you’re working one job and simply wish to have a second to boost your income or plan for savings, this is a great way to go.  You can work as much or as little as you want and still make money to sock away for a rainy day or whatever life emergency happens, and they do happen.


There are ways to make the most of being a rideshare driver that will increase your income with little work on your part.  Obviously, you’ll make money driving but through driver referrals you can easily make even more money.


Sidecar, Uber and Lyft all offer driver referrals.  How do they work?  Well, we’re glad you asked!  A driver referral is simply this:  You are a drive with one of these rideshares.  You have a code that you’ve given to someone who signs up to be a driver.  If their application is approved and they meet certain criteria, you get a bonus.  Not just a trifling bonus either.  It could be up to $1,000.  Nothing to sneeze at, right?  The bonuses do vary by city so you’ll want to check that out beforehand to see what you can quality for.  If you snag a driver from another company and get them to drive for your company, you may get an even bigger bonus.  Example:  bring an Uber driver to Lyft or vice-versa and CHA-CHING!  Competition might be ugly but it can pay!


You may be wondering now how you might find these unsuspecting victi….um, er, new fellow drivers.  There are a few strategies you can employ:


  • One would be the obvious – hit up family and friends. Let them know the deal and that they’d be helping you out.  Some of them might be willing to give rideshare driving a go.
  • You could try marketing online. This one might be a bit much for some but there is a bit of success rate with this tactic.  Build a website (there are many free options out there for this that are quite user-friendly) and then update that website frequently.  You’ll want to hit up rideshare forums, post the link to your website to steer them to your code.
  • Be a passenger. For example, if you’re a Sidecar driver and you are interested in recruiting, take rides with Uber and Lyft the schmooze. Talk to their drivers, let them know about bonuses they might get for signing up with your company.  If they pay rate is more, let them know that as well.
  • Meeting and greeting other drivers. Some might call this stalking but we like to refer to it as a “stealthy approach.”  If you see a driver for a competing company, chat them up and have flyers ready to hand out.  Make them simple.  One page flyers of potential bonuses they can receive for signing up.

Whatever method you choose, just make sure you choose something.  Have a back-up plan.  Be smart.  It makes no sense to not take advantage of driver referrals.  They are there, they are easy and they offer a great way for you to make more money and why wouldn’t you want more money?





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