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If you’re new to rideshare, the easiest way to make the most money at first is to take advantage of the huge sign-up bonuses.

Both Uber and Lyft give bonuses that range from $500-$1000 just for completing a required amount of trips. By the time you complete these bonuses, you will already have earned a few thousand dollars of extra income that you can use to pay down debts, go on a vacation, or start your own business.

So, you want to drive for both, but which to drive first?

(No car? No problem. Lyft or Uber will rent them to you. Click here.)


The best strategy we recommend is that you drive for Lyft first.

Why drive for Lyft first?

Both Uber and Lyft have huge sign up bonuses but Lyft’s bonus has an expiration time period. This means that while both bonuses are good, Lyft should be finished first because Uber’s bonus does not expire. ever. 


Which should you apply for?

You should apply for BOTH Lyft and Uber so your Uber account is activated and ready to go when you finish your Lyft bonus.


Benefits of doing it this way :

  • You get two sign up bonuses, up to $2000.

    • This doesn’t include the $2000 you’ll earn from driving, MINIMUM.

    • What could you do with an extra $4k?  Go to Thailand, pay down credit cards, or pay off your car.



  • After doing all the required trips for your Lyft bonus, you’re going to be tired and need a break.

    • Uber’s bonus DOES NOT EXPIRE. This gives you all the time you need to get it done, without missing out on any possible earnings.


Ready to apply?

Go to Uber Application Page ->

Go to Lyft Application Page ->

Need more information before applying? We’ve got you covered.

Vehicle Requirements: Click Lyft or Uber

Inspection Requirements: Click Lyft or Uber

Lyft Sign Up Process

Step One:  Sign Up Now and fill out the application

Next you will enter in your phone number on this page..

Click next after entering in your phone number, and then fill out your info on this page..

A referral code will conveniently be entered in for you guaranteeing that you receive the biggest bonus currently available in your City. We GUARANTEE the best bonuses around so there is no need for you to look elsewhere!

Simply fill out all of your required information. When information is complete, click Become A Driver.

After your phone is verified, simply fill out the remaining information in the steps below so you can get the background check process started. The sooner you complete and submit all of your information, the sooner you will be out on the road making money and collecting your Bonus of up to $1000!


Step 2 – Entering Your Vehicle Information

Once you have verified your phone, you will be asked to input the year, make and model, how many doors, type of seats, and color of vehicle that you plan on driving on the Lyft platform.

If you don’t actually have a vehicle, Lyft will allow you to use their rental program called express drive to get on the road. You pay about $180 a week, but if you drive full time and hit the ride minimum requirements usually 75 trips, you can turn your rental into a free vehicle.

Express drive rental would save you money on maintenance and insurance, but you also wouldn’t qualify for many incentives. Just make sure you do your research before making a decision to rent through Lyft. Once you have entered your information hit continue.

Step 3 – Inputting Your Driver Information

Once you input you vehicle information its time add your personal information. Lyft requires a background check in order to drive for them.

You can find out what Lyft looks for in their background check by clicking here. You won’t be allowed to drive on the platform without adding your information.

Make sure everything is input exact. If you misspell your name or you’re off one number on your social security number it will become a much longer process to qualify for Lyft. Everything is secure, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your personal information becoming famous.

Lyft asks for:

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Social Security Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Your Driver’s License Card Number

  • State your License is from

  • Expiration date of your Driver License

You will also be asked to input your residential address. It’s important the address is correct because Lyft will mail you your airport placards. These are required in most states when you are picking up and dropping off passengers at airports.

Lyft also ask if you have driven with another Ride share company. This doesn’t affect you. So if you drive for Uber and would rather not tell Lyft, you don’t have to.

Step 4 – Authorizing State Background Check

Step 4 is where Lyft discloses information on your state background check and ask you to authorize the process.

You’re just simply reading the information and authorizing Lyft to perform a background check at the local level.

Step 5 – Authorizing Background and DMV Check

After authorizing your background check at the state level, you are asked to authorize your background check at the federal level.

Not only will your criminal history be reviewed, Lyft will also perform a Driver record check to make sure you have a clean record.

Step 6 – Vehicle Inspection

Next you will simply schedule a Vehicle Inspection. Lyft makes this process extremely easy for you. Lyft provides you different location options around your City and the ability to schedule your appointment in advance at your convenience.

Step 7 – Wait To Be Approved

Once you have completed the first 6 steps and gotten your vehicle inspected, now you just play the waiting game. When all your documents are uploaded, Lyft will perform your background check. It usually takes 3-5 days to be approved to drive for Lyft at this point.

This means if you apply Monday and get your vehicle inspected on Tuesday. You could be approved and able to drive by the weekend.

Lyft will send an email letting you know when you’ve been approved to get on the road.

If it’s taking a little longer than you expected and you’re wondering if you’ve been approved, you can check your application status here.


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