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Being a rideshare driver isn’t just about driving.

It also pays to prepare and organize beforehand for any incident that may or may not occur.

Maybe you’ve picked up a passenger with a dirty, smelly dog and thought “Wow, if only I had car air freshener and a towel!”

Or what happens when you pick up a college student on a Friday who has just left a bar and this kid all of the sudden turns green and needs to hurl?  Will you have barf bags on hand or will the poor dude have to hang his head out of the window?

These are things you need to think about along with a host of other possibilities.


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Planning is relatively easy.  Here are some items you should consider keeping in your car at all times:

For passengers…

  • Phone chargers. Have chargers available for iPhones and Androids.
  • Aux cables. Your passenger may want to listen to his or her own music so make that possible.
  • Gum and/or mints. Sometimes a passengers may find their breath a bit “dragon-like” so help them out when you can.
  • Pen and paper. It’s just smart to keep these handy.
  • It’s always a nice touch to be able to offer your passengers a bottle of water.

For your car…

  • Cleaning supplies. Paper towels, some type of spray cleaner and air freshener.  Nobody wants to ride in a smelly car and you may have an occasion that requires a bit of clean up (see smelly dog and puking college kid comments above).
  • Bath towels. They come in handy believe it or not. 
  • Floor mats. You’ll want floor mats that can be easily cleaned for those passengers who have just stepped in mud or have left the beach.
  • Car seat covers. Again, you’ll want ones that can be easily cleaned.
  • Dashboard cam. This is an important item and you should consider insurance of sorts.  It will serve to protect you in the event of an incident (rowdy driver, car accident) so make this a priority.
  • Cell phone mount. Also crucial as you don’t want to be constantly having to handle or hold your phone.  There are several types available:  magnetic, unobtrusive, flexible…you should have no trouble finding one that works for you.

And for you, the awesome driver…

  • Kindle or a book. Only for downtime but it’ll give you a great way to pass the time.
  • Mileage log. Absolutely necessary as you’ll want to keep track of your miles for tax purposes.
  • It’s really bad for your eyes and a bit unsafe to drive in the sun without protection so get yourself a good pair of sunglasses.
  • Business/referral cards. Free if you order them through Uber or Lyft, you’ll want these as a way to get more business.

Organize Your Rideshare Supplies

You can purchase a trunk caddy for things like cleaning supplies and towels and get a smaller one to keep inside the car for things on the passengers list.  Those items aren’t large so they’ll take up little room.

Why is being prepared important?

Not only do you want to drive safely and build a reputation as a good driver but you also want a reputation as a driver who provides great customer service.

That means giving consideration to what you and your passengers may need during a trip.


Be a smart driver that goes the extra mile and thinks ahead because you really just never know what a day may bring.

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