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As a rideshare driver, GPS is convenient and while you can rely on them to get you where you need to be, at some point you need to learn your way around on your own. You want to drive like a pro, yes? Then you must study up!

The best thing you can do as a rideshare driver is to familiarize yourself with the city you drive in the most. Know the street names, know when traffic is at its worst and its best, know where major landmarks are (hospitals, government buildings, parks, the hottest clubs, most popular restaurants, etc.) and learn the rhythm of the traffic signals – they are timed. You should also learn where the cops hang out – you’ll want to avoid speed traps.

Practice driving when you’re off the clock. GPS systems are a great tool but you don’t want to have to constantly refer to one while driving a passenger. That likely won’t instill much confidence your passenger has in you as a driver. Get to a place where you stop relying on your GPS. Besides, they aren’t always 100% accurate so it’ll help if you can get around without one. A great time to master this skill is to stop using them for pickups. On your way to a passenger, don’t use your GPS. Work from memory. After a while driving from memory really will become second nature.

Accept that in the beginning, you’ll make mistakes. That’s okay. Mistakes are part of learning. Roll with them. Learn from them. Once upon a time GPS didn’t exist and we all got around just fine. Rest assured you’ll get around just fine now, too.

Some other ways to help you:

  • Study street maps. You can get a good quality street atlas map book for any city. Keep one for your city or the cities you drive in most often in your car.

  • Look for shortcuts. These can be very helpful during rush hour.

  • As for traffic, figure out when and where it tends to backup. If you can avoid those areas, this is where shortcuts might come in handy.

  • Learn street names. There is almost always some type of theme with street names so look for that. It might help you remember the names.

  • The history of a neighborhood might prove helpful. Sometimes a backstory helps to explain why a city streets are laid out a certain way. Plus, how cool would you look if you could share some trivia with a passenger? Very.

Driving like a pro will increase your income. It’s simple. The more you know and the quicker you can get your passengers to their destinations means you can pick up more trips and that equals more money for you. Who would’ve thought you’d have homework as a rideshare driver? Now, go forth and learn those cities! Drive safe!

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