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So, who gives the best tips?

If you are a rideshare driver, you’ll want to make the most of your experience. This includes making a nice salary and that salary includes tips. There has been some debate on tipping – who gives the best tips? Uber passengers or Lyft passengers? The answers depend on who you ask. We did a bit of research. Here is what we’ve learned.

In the beginning…

When Uber first launched, they had a strict “no tipping the drivers” rule in place. Passengers stuck with that rule. Overtime it seemed passengers simply got used to not tipping Uber drivers. Even after Uber did away with that “no tipping” policy, it took time for Uber passengers to adjust and start tipping their drivers.

With Lyft, tipping has always been a choice for passengers and was never dissuaded. Some drivers even made the conscious decision to choose Lyft simply because they were allowed to tip.


Uber has finally incorporated a tipping option in their app but there is a caveat, of course. A passenger must first rate their driver before the tipping option is available. The problem? A lot of passengers don’t take time to rate their drivers, therefore they never see the tipping option. Another problem? A lot of passengers don’t carry cash even though many Uber drivers do keep a tip jar/box inside their vehicle. No rating + no cash = no tip for the driver.

Lyft makes tipping a cinch! You’ll find the tip option in the Lyft app as soon as the ride is over. This makes tipping a no-hassle process for passengers and the drivers certainly appreciate it!

How about your tips?

You’ll need to do some math based on your individual figures but we bet you’ll find you make just a bit more money with tips if you’re a Lyft driver. Give this a try: if you drive for both Lyft and Uber, drive exclusively for one company for a period of time then switch and drive exclusively for the other company for the same amount of time. See which paid more in terms of tips. If you decide to try this experiment, please let us know how you fared. We’d love to hear from you!

A tip for drivers

Make your passengers aware they can tip and be sure they know how much you appreciate tipping. Try a set-up visible to passengers. Include a box for tips, a pleasant sign, maybe even include some candy. Most passengers will tip when they feel appreciated.


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