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The Definite Guide to UberSELECT

Uber is a global tech company that has taken over the ridesharing industry.  The industry is booming, and new players are entering the market. Whether you are looking for a ride to meet with your friends, or just want a convenient way to travel, Uber has the perfect solution for you. If you are looking to travel in style, Uber provides this service in the form of UberSELECT.

What is UberSELECT?

UberSELECT provides passengers with luxury experience, just like UberBLACK with a few differences. The restrictions of UberSELECT do not mandate the color of the car, inside or out.

  • Only highly rated Uber drivers are selected for UberSELECT after screening.
  • The approved car models include BMW’s, electric sedans, and sports cars like Porsche, etc.
  • The operations are presently available in select cities around the globe.
  • It provides a comfortable and stylish ride for 1 to 4 passengers.
  • Uber experts describe this service as the UberBLACK service minus the black car.
  • UberSELECT ensures an excellent balance between affordable pricing policy and comfortable rides.

UberSELECT Vehicles

For the UberSELECT service, the mechanic or car inspector at the activating center carries out comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical check-up of the vehicles to verify their eligibility and comfort requirements for driving excellence. Uber chooses and inspects comfortable and newer models, including:

  • Full-size SUVs from Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and Lincoln for capacity and refinement.
  • Sophisticated sedans such as the Infiniti, Hyundai Genesis, Tesla Model S, KIA K900, and similar cars.
  • Contemporary and compact luxury cars like Evoque, Land Rover Luxury, etc.
  • Sports cars such as Macan and Porsche Cayenne.
  • Audi Q3, Cadillac CTS, Acura MDX, BMW X3, X5, and Series 5 and 7.

How to Sign Up for UberSELECT

The UberSELECT vehicle models are the perfect choice for those commuters who are looking for convenient and highly enjoyable luxury rides. Interested drivers will have to first confirm the availability of this particular service in their area from Uber’s website. Basic driver qualifications include:

  • Have a license
  • Insurance
  • Must be over the age of 21
  • Must have a clean driving record
Vehicle Inspection

If you pass the initial qualification round, your vehicle will be inspected. Once it is determined that you qualify for UberSELECT, the next step for you will be to familiarize yourself with the rideshare industry. Start out as an UberXL or UberX driver to build your professional background. Working your way up from the entry-level positions to the lucrative positions is a mandatory requirement that you will have to meet when you sign up as an Uber driver.

Looking for full Uber vehicle requirements? Click here.

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Why Does Your Driver Rating Matter?

As an entry-level Uber driver, your goal is to drive 100 passengers to their destinations safely. Full-time rideshare drivers achieve this in just two weeks. During this particular timeframe, you will focus on getting to know the tricks and best practices of the industry. Please familiarize yourself with the needs of the passengers and adapt to their different expectations. When you achieve your 100-passengers milestone, you should start paying close attention to your driver ratings. You can look for ways on how to improve your customer’s satisfaction. A good way of doing this is by making sure that they have a great experience throughout the ride.

Ratings are important to be able to answer UberSELECT rideshare requests. UberSELECT drivers need to maintain a rating of at least 4.7. After earning this rank, you will have to continue polishing up your rideshare service. Getting a rating of 4.8 will cushion you from the negative ratings that you may get. By maintaining a high rating, you can gain access to UberSELECT status. Uber will automatically upgrade your rideshare status  (if this does not happen, you should contact their help center.)

UberSELECT Pricing

UberBLACK drivers face far more restrictions when compared to UberSELECT drivers. Therefore, the UberSELECT’s prices are much lower. As a passenger, you can expect to pay way less than you typically would for an UberBLACK ride. Though the payoff is less than that for UberBLACK drivers, the fewer driver restrictions make UberSELECT a perfect alternative. For instance, UberBLACK drivers need to follow a strict dress code and several other regulations, such as getting a commercial driver’s license.

An additional charge is the base fare. Passengers should expect to pay $3 less for the base fare when using UberSELECT than they would have paid while using UberBLACK. The average price per mile for UberSELECT is $1 less than UberBLACK. For traveling long distances in style, UberSELECT is your best choice.

What is The Difference Between UberSELECT and UberX?

UberX service is designed to cater to new drivers who are entering the industry. For instance, vehicle restrictions are more lenient. Trucks and cars can qualify for UberX if they were manufactured in the early 2000s. New Uber drivers must maintain a high rating and stick to a strict dress code.

Due to the above traits, UberX is seen as an entry-level position, and its service prices demonstrate this. On the other hand, UberSELECT is an ongoing objective which experienced Uber drivers strive for in case they own/use a luxury vehicle.

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